Competitions – what you need to know if you’re planning one

Competitions and give-aways are a great way to get the word out about a new product or service, or simply create a buzz around your business.

Is your competition legal?

BUT…  did you know lottery or chance style competitions need a permit if they accept entries from NSW? In fact, there are a lot of legalities to take into consideration and you must comply with all relevant laws or you may find yourself liable.

As a starting point, you can check out, but for the final word on NSW state laws, you’ll need to visit the NSW Dept of Fair Trading.

Facebook is another arena where you need to be very wary about competitions. Facebook has very strict rules about using its platform as a promoting tool for competitions. Here’s what Facebook has to say about it. Break Facebook rules and you could quickly lose your page altogether. So be wary, and be informed.

For a quick guide to Facebook’s competition rules, check out All Facebook – The unofficial Facebook resource blog.

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