Women’s business: cashing in on Facebook


North Coast women are cashing in on Facebook

HAVE you noticed something? There seems to be an incredible number of women out there who have seen the power and potential of marketing through Facebook. Whether they are making or creating things to sell, offering advice as business mentors, or setting up an online store to fill a particular niche, it seems women all over our region (and all over the world) are now cashing in online in a serious way. Not only that, but many women are also reaching out a helping hand, or Facebook share to others. It’s a clear case of networking really working!

In my situation, while on maternity leave with my third son I got inspired and then excited as I recognised a gap in the market so I began my own little business (not North Coast Markets, that came later). Without going into what I do in detail… I am a stall holder at a number of local markets, as well as festivals and events. I have a Facebook page and a website to get the word out. My point is, I was amazed at the support given to me by other women. Many of whom I have never met and several more that I have gotten to know as a result of making a connection through my Facebook business page. This was something I did not expect but I acknowledge these connections as altogether integral to my current level of success.

A few weeks ago I returned to work as a journalist with The Daily Examiner. Seeing all this ‘women’s business’ happening around me, I knew it would make a great story that might inspire other women, so it was one of the first ideas I brought to the news meeting. I spoke with three inspirational north coast women who are taking on the world using Facebook as their primary medium of communications. I could have included a whole lot more, but space is always a premium in newspapers. If you click here you’ll see what was published.

Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your story too.

Actually, I overheard two stall holders, both women, talking about this particular story on the weekend. Apparently it had convinced them to set up a Facebook business page and a website to compliment their market stall. How cool is that?

Have you turned your idea into dollars via Facebook? Tell us about your business. Have you been helped along the way by other women?  I’d love to hear your story. Leave a comment below or send me an email northcoastmarkets@hotmail.com


2 responses to “Women’s business: cashing in on Facebook

  1. Such a fantastic story! I too started selling at local markets and was being constantly asked was I on Facebook? I was saying “no I am not but I am beginning to think that I should be!”
    I soon made friendships with local women within the sewing and craft movement in Lismore and we keep in touch via Facebook. Now I often have people introducing themselves to me in person after interacting on Facebook.
    I sell via Facebook but mostly now through my website http://www.fabricpixie.com.au I feel it is easier (and quicker) to have a shopping cart as the customer can decide what they want and the quantity from the available inventory and pay right away.
    Facebook is a little more time consuming in this regard sometimes taking a couple of days to finalise a sale. Facebook its the perfect platform to announce new arrivals, promos, showcase ideas best of all it is free!
    I currently have two business pages; flossybloss selling handmade children’s clothing and accessories and Fabric Pixie which is all about the cute quirky and fun of quality designer fabrics none of which can be found at large commercial fabric stores.

    • I totally agree with you Deanne, I think it’s absolutely logical to have a facebook page to help market your business outside of having a real life market stall. They go hand in hand, in my book. And I too love meeting people who I have connected with through my business page. In fact, I’ve made many new connections in my own real world community since I began my little business, both as a result of being a market stall holder and having a presence on facebook. There are so many inspiring women and ideas out there, which is part of the reason why I created north coast markets.

      Having seen first-hand what working together in the spirit of cooperation can achieve, I’m convinced that facebook is promises to offer a really exciting new frontier for women, especially women in regional areas like ours, to develop a successful business that reflects their personality and comes from their heart while making connections of mutual benefit.

      I would also agree that facebook isn’t really the ideal place for selling your stuff. I’m sure there will be some people who would argue that point, but for me facebook is about building a brand, facilitating a community, and providing things of interest to my fans. Selling occasionally is ok, but selling all the time is boring, I think you need to offer something of greater value to retain the interest of fans over any length of time.

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