Farmers Markets… Good food is closer than you think


HOW far does food travel before it ends up on your plate?

Food Miles in Australia: A Preliminary study of Melbourne, Victoria by Asha Bee Abraham and Sophie Gaballa, estimates the distances travelled for food items found in a typical shopping basket and the resulting greenhouse emissions from this transportation.

The report concludes that the total distance traveled by 29 of our most common food items is 70,803 km—that’s nearly two times the distance around the Earth!

If that fact bothers you, the solution is easy: go back to the roots of fresh produce and the traditional market place and get to know the farmers at your local markets.

You will not only get to know some interesting characters, if you ask questions, your friendly farmer is generally only too happy to provide tips and advice on food storage and preparation, favourite recipes, and even the story of how the food was produced. You won’t get that at the supermarket.

To help you find fresh local produce, North Coast Markets has put together a directory of your local farmers markets, so it’s now easier than ever to make the connection with locally grown food. With dozens of dedicated farmers markets and community markets on every week in many locations right across the north coast of new south wales, you’re sure to find one not too far from you.

Of course  the community market-place is a tradition that goes back to the early days of civilisation. However, online resources such as Local Harvest are a relatively new initiative aiming to help people find local sources of food and grow their own.

Local Harvest is a national directory for finding food co-ops, swap meets, community gardens, farmers markets, box systems, organic retailers and more by simply entering your postcode.

With six reasons to eat local food, Local Harvest outlines the basics and is supported by some of Australia’s best known gardening stalwarts including Jackie French and Jeremy Coleby-Williams.

Local Harvest will be a great companion for anyone interested in growing or sourcing fresh produce locally.

Is locally grown food important to you? Do you shop for some or all of your fresh food at a local market? We’d love to hear your thoughts

Places to go, things to see

Local Harvest | Finding good food, close to you.

ABC north coast map of local farmers markets

Australian Farmers Market Association

North Coast Markets Farmers Market Directory


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