Feeding a growing appetite for farmer’s markets

by Kate Matthews

Evans Head_20120225_08

THE ABUNDANCE of fresh, locally grown and harvested food around right now is a great reason to celebrate. And with holiday mode in full swing, there’s no better excuse than to head off to a northern NSW market to do a little hunting and collecting.

Research from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry reveals a conservative estimate of farmers markets in NSW to be around 43, with 152 nationally. We’ve counted 18 dedicated farmers markets in Northern NSW – that’s almost half of ALL farmers markets in NSW!  With new markets popping up all the time, there’s sure to be one near you.

Principles of Farmers Markets

There are the standards that the community expects to be upheld in genuine farmers’ markets. Best practice farmers’ markets are food markets where the stallholders are the farmers, their families or farm staff. Resellers are not permitted. The emphasis is placed on farm-direct and artisan-made food sales. Plants, seeds, flowers, worm farms, compost, fodder –  and small livestock like poultry are also included, but craft items are typically excluded.
If you’re looking for more detailed info on the principles behind farmers markets, then you’ll want to check out the Australian Farmers Markets Association.


LOOKING for a FARMERS MARKET in Northern NSW? Check out the North Coast Farmers Market Directory

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