Why we love the Made with Love Markets

There are lots of reasons to love the Made with Love Markets in Coffs Harbour, and they’re on this Sunday Dec 1! Guest post by market coordinator Allie Paul.

If you have some market news to share and would like to guest post too, please leave your contact details in the comments area at the end of this post.

The Made with Love Markets started in Coffs Harbour in May 2011 and its immediate popularity has seen the market grow to what it is today.

The first and original handmade market on the Coffs Coast is held at C.ex Coffs (indoors, so on rain, hail or HOT weather!) and the next one is on Sunday 1st December from 9am – 2pm.

But what do some of our shoppers and stallholders think of the market? Here are some comments from the MWL website:

Vanessa: I love that everything is handmade and with love. Such a lovely atmosphere!

Melinda: I love seeing all the great things people come up with and the work and time they put into their hand made Goodies. It gives me something to look forward to.

Hilary: The goodies made with love… what else? And how popular they are – it is so good to see the community supporting working at home people!

Tanyth: I love all the special things that have been imagined, designed and created with love from someone’s heart

Danielle: I have seen this market going from the very beginning with my mums stall been there “nannas children’s clothing” and the thing I love the most about this market is it give a place for mothers, fathers grandparents, etc. a place to share their creativity and talents to the community and a chance to sell them in a safe and wonderful environment that everyone has the one goal, providing great local products to the community! Everyone wins in this markets from the seller to the buyer to the person who simply goes for a look! Well done on a great market!

Wendy: I love the MWL markets. The atmosphere is wonderful and the quality of goods is fantastic. Hubby sits down stairs while I wonder the stalls.

Lydia: I love seeing so many unique, handmade, local things. There are some things I’ve never thought of needing until I see them at the Made With Love Markets:). Everything I have purchased from stallholders has been excellent quality and fair prices. Thank you!

Terri: my favourite thing about the MWL markets is the whole atmosphere of the event and the quality items made by lovely locals.

And I will leave the concluding comments to Terri. From Tezzletots who sums it up rather well:

When I go to Markets I really don’t like seeing people’s stalls that are full of Chinese made items I have seen on ebay for cheap that they then re-sell for $20+. When I go to markets I LOVE seeing homemade items which a SAHM has worked hard on and the item is individual and made with love. (for the same price!) PLEASE support local handmade this Christmas and keep our local Mums and Dads supporting their families in Australia. Made With Love Markets are on Sunday 1st December, come along and support us all. xxx

Christmas Markets - Made with Love, Coffs Ex Services Club Sunday Dec 1

Christmas Markets – Made with Love, Coffs Ex Services Club Sunday Dec 1


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